On Recognizing Both a Palestinian State and Israel

My views correspond with this Statement from the Socialist Workers Party (SWP)…

“The latest violence in East Jerusalem, Israel and the Gaza Strip highlights the necessity for the Israeli and Arab governments and the leadership of Palestinian organizations to begin immediate talks, both to end the deadly Gaza-Israel fighting and for recognition of both an independent Palestinian state and of Israel… [S]uccessful negotiations must recognize the right of Jews everywhere to take refuge in Israel in face of the global rise today of Jew-hatred and anti-Semitic violence.”

“The spark for today’s crisis is the refusal of the Israeli government to halt attempts to evict 300 Palestinians from 13 households in Sheikh Jarrah, in East Jerusalem. Regardless of who “owns” the homes, Palestinians have lived in them since the 1950s.

“While the Israeli government portrays this as a private landlord-tenant dispute, Palestinians rightly fear that allowing the evictions would open the floodgate to more, and to Israeli government refusal to ever accept East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state…”

Feature Article: Recognize Palestinian State and Israel [Full SWP Statement]

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