On George Floyd & What To Do Now

George Floyd was murdered a year ago today. 1,068 people have been killed by police in the U.S. since then, disproportionally Black at 3 times the rate of whites. The question becomes what to do. The answer is to organize — but how to do so is critical. Immediately following Floyd’s killing, thousands marched in peaceful mass protests like the one pictured here. The outpouring was worldwide, but then things went wrong as explained in the Militant newspaper.

Thousands march across the Hennepin Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis on Sunday, May 31, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Travis Underwood)

“Contrary to the desire of millions to take a disciplined, effective stand against police violence, antifa forces and elements in the Black Lives Matter leadership instead led and justified an anti-working-class course, including violence, looting and race baiting. Many working people who wanted to protest the cop killing of Floyd were repulsed by the violence and destruction and stayed away. Protests shrank, then stopped…  People we [talk with want] to discuss what to do about the issues posed in [George Floyd’s killing] and about the broader economic and social crisis working people face…

“’To find the answers we must look to ourselves as workers, not to the bosses’ government, their parties and their ‘solutions,’ … We must strengthen our unions in the coming fights against the boss attacks… “We must organize and instill discipline as part of those battles, including the fight against police brutality, and any other forms of exploitation and oppression. Our goal has to be to draw in the majority of working people, who are increasingly looking for a working-class road forward,’ said [Doug Nelson, Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor of Minneapolis].”

Feature Article: Build fight against cop killings of George Floyd and Daunte Wright
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