On Attacks Against Voting Rights

Republican state legislatures across the country are hellbent on erecting roadblocks against voting by working people, low-income people, Blacks and other minorities. Democrats are not without their own sins as I recently detailed, often being divisive, elitist, and hypocritical against their own supposed constituency — the "deporables" as they've called them. Democrats have attacked the … Continue reading On Attacks Against Voting Rights

On An Interview with Anthony Fauci

Most of the TV interviews I've seen with Dr. Fauci and other medical authorities have been quick and truncated with lots of interruptions. Points get half made and then the interviewer rushes them onto another point before the commercial break. I found this refreshing 23-minute interview on YouTube with Dr. Fauci that allows him to … Continue reading On An Interview with Anthony Fauci

On Defunding the Police

I read an excellent article this week — 'The working-class road forward in tackling crime and cop violence' — that discussed the call for defunding the police. This demand has been heard frequently since George Floyd's killing, raised by assorted leftists, liberals and even some public officials like AOC and "the squad." I've always thought … Continue reading On Defunding the Police

On Equal Time for Democrats

I’ve been pretty rough here this last week on the Republicans. It's laziness on my part, and it's probably mean to be kicking these poor folks when they're so down. It's just that they're so nakedly transparent in their hypocrisy and descent into delusion. It's hard to resist. The Democrats, by contrast, can be more … Continue reading On Equal Time for Democrats