On Dr. Fauci’s Emails

I don’t know if there’s any substance to this brouhaha over Dr. Fauci’s emails or not. I just know he played an exemplary role in the AIDS Crisis and was a rare voice of reason within the Trump Administration during the COVID Crisis.

But whether there’s substance or not, the very last people to I’d look to for rational thought on the issue are the Republicans. Both parties lie, but the Republicans have gone beyond plausible deception to sheer lunacy. If Trump said the Moon was made of green cheese, Republicans would fall in line.

The louder the outcry from Republicans, the less I’m inclined to take the matter seriously. Their indignant protests are laughable given their continued insistence the election was stolen in a vast multi-state conspiracy plotted by Hugo Chavez years after his death, not to mention the utter nonsense that Democratic leaders are Satan-worshipping pedophiles who practice child sacrifice.

And A Quick After-Thought: If January 6th was supposedly the work of Antifa and fake Trump supporters, why didn’t Republicans support that bipartisan commission where they could have exposed all the evidence showing how Trump is truly innocent of blame? Just wondering… [6/6/21]

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