On Manchin’s BS About an “Entitlement Mentality”

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is fighting to rein in the $3.5 trillion American Families Plan that's said to cover such things as adding dental, vision and hearing coverage to Medicare; childcare for working families; community college tuition; 12 weeks of guaranteed paid parental, family and personal illness/safe leave; Obamacare subsidies, etc. Manchin says he doesn’t want “to change … Continue reading On Manchin’s BS About an “Entitlement Mentality”

On Attacks Against Voting Rights

Republican state legislatures across the country are hellbent on erecting roadblocks against voting by working people, low-income people, Blacks and other minorities. Democrats are not without their own sins as I recently detailed, often being divisive, elitist, and hypocritical against their own supposed constituency — the "deporables" as they've called them. Democrats have attacked the … Continue reading On Attacks Against Voting Rights

On Equal Time for Democrats

I’ve been pretty rough here this last week on the Republicans. It's laziness on my part, and it's probably mean to be kicking these poor folks when they're so down. It's just that they're so nakedly transparent in their hypocrisy and descent into delusion. It's hard to resist. The Democrats, by contrast, can be more … Continue reading On Equal Time for Democrats

On Republican Attacks Against Reason & Science

As I said here the other day, the Republican Party has gone off the rails into a world of utter fantasy and delusion. Their attacks against Fauci go deeper than the man. He's just a symbol for what is actually an attack against reason and science — ultimately to the detriment of everyone, including themselves. … Continue reading On Republican Attacks Against Reason & Science