On Climate Change & Capitalism

By now it should be impossible to deny climate change. There’s always been occasional extreme weather, but now “extreme” is becoming routine. I frankly believe it’s impossible to address this global challenge under capitalism. The demands of short-term profit will block any real chance of making the massive changes necessary. And I guarantee any attempts … Continue reading On Climate Change & Capitalism

On Call to End the Cuban Embargo

I have a very simple proposal to ease the hardships in Cuba where we hear reports this week about demonstrations demanding food and access to vaccines and medicine: End the criminal blockade and embargo against Cuba that has lasted over 60 years — 60 years! Many people reading this probably weren't born yet when the … Continue reading On Call to End the Cuban Embargo

On 60 Years of Climate Change

I read an interesting article this morning on climate change in the Guardian today, "Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored)." It links to a second article I haven't read yet but will, "How climate scepticism turned into something more dangerous." Climate change is a discussion that can be … Continue reading On 60 Years of Climate Change

On Racism & Indifference

The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.Elie Wiesel Back while I was on Facebook sabbatical last month, CNN ran an opinion piece by John Blake that struck me. I wasn't posting then so I'll catch up now... When we talk about racism, it's usually about the overt acts of prejudice, hostility and violence … Continue reading On Racism & Indifference