Should Workers Support the Ottawa Truckers?

Should workers support the Ottawa truckers? That's a difficult question for which I don't have an answer yet. As a union supporter, union member and socialist going back 50 years, the answer would normally be simple: Yes. This time it's not so simple. On the good side, I think the truckers are showing the power … Continue reading Should Workers Support the Ottawa Truckers?

On Good News for Workers

Workers in the United States, Canada and elsewhere are fighting in increasing numbers for better wages, working conditions, benefits and safety. This is good for all workers and all of us. The ruling class is taking notice as evidenced by a report tonight on NBC Nightly News. Click here to view NBC report Over 10,000 … Continue reading On Good News for Workers

On Liz Cheney & the Vicious Circle

It's quite the spectacle watching Republicans eat their own with the ouster of Liz Cheney — a new milestone in the deepening disintegration of the two parties and mainstream politics in general. I know it seems like the GOP is uniquely fucked up, to be blunt, but the Democrats have their own problems. Does anyone … Continue reading On Liz Cheney & the Vicious Circle